Why This Mission?

Where do you think your life would be if personal development were taught when you were in school? For the majority of us, it wasn’t learned. It’s never too late to study!

My mission is to have personal development taught as commonly as math and science. If there’s anything I can do with your organization, or if you or your organization can aid in this mission, please email me in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

You will read a lot about coaching on this site. Advancing this cause through media production, speaking, and certified high performance coaching, I feel grateful to collaborate with like-minded individuals who want to march toward this dream together.

Having seen first hand, through coaching adults and youth, the power of this work, shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to develop personally and realize our potential?


Jillian is a “badass coach!”


#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
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Top 25 Most Influential by SUCCESS Magazine

About Jillian Robinson

As one of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world, Jillian’s “rock star” ability was recognized by one of the best in the business. Her trainer, Brendon Burchard, the highest paid high performance coach worldwide, actually hired Jillian to coach some of his clients after she became a Certified High Performance Coach™. Today, she feels blessed for that opportunity and to guide her own clients through this invaluable, powerful and proven coaching process.

Jillian walks the talk of high performance in part based on her experiences as an author, group coach, and Emmy-winning television producer for PBS.

  • She practiced and proved her ability to influence, stay focused and yield great results in the intense, fast-paced world of TV production. As a producer and manager for a PBS TV station, she developed and oversaw new productions, leading diverse teams of technical and creative professionals. With decades of experience, her accomplishments include producing or executive producing several Emmy award-winning TV programs.
  • As an interviewer, Jillian’s ability to connect enabled each interviewee to tell their story, including past presidential candidates, celebrity authors, and Pulitzer Prize winners.
  • She has helped others gain clarity and insights. Her internationally published book, Change Your Life Through Travel, empowers readers to learn life-enriching lessons on the road and implement those “ah hah” moments in everyday life.
  • Jillian serves with excellence. After years of working with adults, Jillian began coaching teens as well. A lead coach at Tony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership Summit said Jillian was “by far one of the most outstanding coaches I have had the pleasure of teaming with.” A head coach at the UK Youth Leadership Summit said, “As one of the senior coaches, Jillian stepped up to a level that was nothing short of inspirational and gave service to the highest degree.”

Jillian’s greatest passion is coaching people. As a long-time interviewer, connector and speaker, her capacity for establishing rapport and being fully present for her clients brings joy to their interactions, and creates space for meaningful transformation to occur.

“How much did you challenge me on a scale of 1-10? 9! You reached five or six points in the conversation when I wanted to say, ‘Stop’ but I didn’t. So that’s why it’s only a 9 out of a 10. Thank you, thank you…this was so helpful. Facing a tough situation the next day, I started applying one of the tools you helped me find and the tenor of the whole day changed. Breakthrough.” – Linda, CEO

“I had breakthroughs! I moved really fast getting through stuff that would have taken weeks on my own…I’m still on cloud 9 from our session!” – Melissa, award-winning author, teacher & journalist

Jillian’s rich and nuanced perspective and experiences makes her an ideal guide for clients to reach new levels in their life. Her delight comes from bringing fun, depth, challenge and a deep caring about clients’ lives to each interaction, so they can live their full potential.

  • Jillian Robinson is the real deal . . . a high performer that places "being" equivalent with "doing," and as such, she gets all of the truly meaningful things in life accomplished. She walks her talk, and better yet, when you talk with her, she skillfully helps you find your own stride. Her authentic, insightful, inquisitive nature creates the space for clarity to arise in such poignant ways. Jillian is a coach among coaches. As a high performer myself, Jillian helps me create the distinctions between greater external achievements and really creating the best version of my life that is filled with meaning, purpose and joy. Working with Jillian is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself on the path of excellence and adventure!

    Ivri Business Architect
  • “God must have known that I needed this. I am really different than when I sat down [for our session]. I’m much more positive. I was down in the dumps when I sat down. Tough morning, tough meeting that I didn’t handle as well as I’d like. Now, I realize no harm no foul and I’m ready for what’s next! I feel uplifted and more in control than I have in a few weeks. You’re amazing at this. You’re going to have more clients than you know what to do with!”

    Leslie President and CEO
  • “You are such a insightful and highly motivating coach. I love how you helped me identify weaknesses, and the ability to put actual practice, high performance habits, to them: instant gratification. And you helped identify how I can be more of a master in these areas. I’m super excited about that.”

    Deb Territory Representative, Patterson Dental Company
  • “I loved that you helped me look within, and helped me improve myself. Also, one insight you offered could help me take a key relationship from 60% on, 40% off to 90-100% on. Thank you!”

    Janine Business Owner
  • “I loved how you very quickly focused on my areas of need. I’d say a short sentence or two, and you just got it. Vroom. I felt you really cared about me and I got tools that don’t make me feel uncomfortable. I can see that these small, simple things can make a big difference. I’d been stuck for long time with my kids. I’d be feeling helpless and anxious about it and this gives me a feeling that I can do this and it’s not as hard as I thought. Since our session, I have felt a major difference in my overall ability to feel secure and confident…My shift has had a profound affect, and I expect as I get stronger and build more positive habits, it will be a great help to our family!”

    Lisa Stay-at-Home Mom
  • “I felt encouraged and a sense of your really caring. Also you’re asking the hard questions to nail me down with moving forward. I realized I was not doing all I can. Applying these insights will improve my life - big time.”

    Andrea Entrepreneurial Business Owner


|  with Jillian Robinson


High Performance

Group Coaching Program

Are you struggling to stay focused, to get ahead, or to better influence, lead and inspire your team, family or customers?

Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right? Well, to get more, you need to activate your full potential. You need an advanced skill set, to step up and become a higher performer.

If you are ready for High Performance in your life and you feel Certified High Performance Coaching™ might be right for you, then I invite you to apply for my High Performance Group Coaching Program.

Together with a group of like-minded, motivated people who want to get the most out of life, we will delve into the 6 Pillars of High Performance.

Our group coaching format ensures that we can learn from each other, be empowered by sharing our own successes, and be inspired by the successes of others. In this group format, you get to take the gloves off and jump into creating your High Performance Life.

To apply for High Performance Group Coaching, please fill out the Free Strategy Session with Jillian Questionnaire and email it to me at Jillian@JillianRobinson.com. I’ll follow up with you to see if you qualify to join our next program and will share six principles you can use now to better master your mind, body and ability to be more productive and persuasive every day.


Pay It Forward Fund

After seeing such remarkable results from adult coaching clients, I created a program for youth inspired by the High Performance Coaching principles. The Pay It Forward Fund also builds on the success co-facilitators and I have had teaching Connection workshops to teens and pre-teens at the Boys and Girls Clubs.

When you buy one of my books, 100% of the proceeds goes to our Pay it Forward Fund to deliver more personal development programs to youth including those who need us most. By paying it forward to the next generation, we create a world where each of us is empowered to live our dreams.


|  by Jillian Robinson


The Power of Connection

A Quest for Happiness, Meaning and Light


What if your life could become like a treasure hunt?

Join Jillian Robinson in this inspirational personal account filled with universal life lessons that are served quickly and accessibly. In this visual road trip across America, vivid color images pull you through stories that connect with the lives, loves, and losses of everyday people. With open-heartedness, humor, and simplicity, Jillian serves a menu of inspiring wisdom that invites you to connect more deeply with others, with yourself, and with something even greater; and to taste the magic of a happy and meaningful life, whatever your circumstances.

“I already have a long list of people I’m going to give this book to. It’s not an in-your-face, self-help book that people think ‘Why did they give this to me? What are they trying to tell me?’ It’s got so many great stories and pictures that will send them on their own journey and transformation.” — Stephanie Lobeck, senior leader in Tony Robbins seminars volunteer crew, business coach and relationships mentor

“Why don’t we do this more? Mostly we dismiss the idea ‘we are all one’ because we think it’s not accessible. But you have lived this.” — Niki Vettel, PBS Executive Producer for Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Cheryl Richardson

“The Power of Connection will change how you socialize, how you create bonds with others and with yourself, and how you succeed in the world.” – Melissa Pritchard, award-winning author and contributor to “O, The Oprah Magazine”

All proceeds from The Power of Connection go to Jillian’s Pay It Forward fund to provide personal development programs for youth, including those who need us most.  Empowering YOU also empowers YOUth!


Change Your Life Through Travel

Inspiring Tales and Tips for Richer, Fuller, More Adventurous Living

High performers are courageous in their life and in chasing their dreams. High performers have high levels of presence and vibrancy; they are open and observant to the present moment. They are self-reliant. What if you could experience these qualities traveling anywhere – from across the world to somewhere in your hometown?

Living life as fully on the road as at home is celebrated in this book that ponders the people who mastered the art of moving about. Passages of classic travel writing by Isak Dinesen, Ernest Hemingway, D.H. Lawrence and Henry Miller are woven through accounts of the author’s own globetrotting adventures. A collection of travel hints, inspirational ideas and suggestions for journal-keeping fill chapters entitled “Step into Your Courage,” “Slow Down and Live in the Moment,” “Discover Greater Self-Esteem,” and “Live an Abundant Life.” Color photographs and an enticing list of travel books for further reading are also included.

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